Forbes Bussiness Office


We offer a full range of finance options including those of TOYOTA CREDIT as well as most major banks and lending institutions. When financing is arranged by the dealership, only the vehicle becomes collateral for the loan, not your house or other assets. We always know the latest rates being offered because we deal with such a broad range of finance sources… we’re confident we can get you a great loan!


Yes, today’s vehicles are well built and reliable products, however warranty coverage is limited in both time and mileage. For many customers, extending the coverage for a longer term or for more mileage or both, just makes good sense. With TOYOTA’S Extra Care Protection (ECP) you won’t need to spend extra money on belonging to an auto club because roadside assistance is included


The Rust Inhibitor product that is used inside the doors, hood, fenders and trunk, is a specially formulated “coliseum sulfate” that will not wash away or break down with exposure to salt or water. The undercarriage is protected with “neoprene” rubber which is an extremely durable product that seals the undercarriage from salt and water. We provide 10 year warranty against corrosion on both new and used cars and there is annual inspection.

The Paint Sealant is a blend of carnauba wax, butter wax, Teflon, Carbon Polymer and Polymer. It provides a high gloss finish with added protection against fall out and bird droppings It’s almost like another layer of clear coat! Don’t let the elements affect your vehicle’s finish… let the paint sealant protect it for the next three years.

Fabric Protection prevents stains and colour fading, repels dirt and spills, protects against moisture and mildew, and makes the upholstery easy to clean.